It is super easy to install the Lacrosse Head Locking Device.  See the video below in addition to the illustrations provided below the video.

For extreme cases of a loose lacrosse head, it may be necessary to build up one side of the shaft to prevent movement of the head.  This is done by thin strips of tape.  We prefer to add tape in only the area of extreme wear as if we cover the entire front portion of the shaft, the "sides" of the shaft will become too tight.  This will not allow for enough tape to be placed along the areas having extreme wear.  The video below illustrates a COMPLETE FIX of an extreme loose head on a beat up stick.  The HeadLockTM Device illustrates how an old beat up stick can have a super tight head-to-shaft connection!
Below are a series of illustrations to guide the assembly of the HeadLockTM Lacrosse Head Locking Device

Prepare the Shaft



Once Shaft is prepared, Lacrosse Head can now be installed as seen below.

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