Why HeadLockTM?

Besides being the coolest accessory that you can add to your setup, it is only a matter of time when your Lacrosse Head will become loose.  A loose Lacrosse Head is an annoyance.  Using tape on the shaft is not the solution.  There is actually 2 problems that contribute to a loose Lacrosse Head.

The Two Problems
1:  Screw Will NOT Tighten
2:  Head Fits Loose to the Shaft

Problem 1: Screw Will NOT Tighten
All Lacrosse Heads are screwed into a thin walled shaft.  After a few installs, your shaft hole will become worn out.  Once this hole is worn, the screw will never tighten and may even fall out!  That means that your expensive equipment is at the mercy of a single hole.  Click on the video below to learn more about the worn shaft hole. Buy it now
Problem 2: Head Fits Loose to the Shaft

All Lacrosse Heads and Shafts have varying sizes.  This is due to wear and manufacturing tolerances.  That means that shafts can vary in width.  Some may be a little smaller than others.  The same holds true with the shaft hole on the Lacrosse Head.  This causes many shafts to fit loose with the head.  When the screw cannot be tightened, these loose fitting shafts will "wobble" after assembly.  In some cases the "wobble" will be extremely noticeable and can become an annoyance.  Even worse, in time, loose screws can fall out and cause the Lacrosse Head slip off of the shaft.  Click on the video below to see excessive "Wobble" on a Lacrosse Head.

The Solution

Buy it now and use the HeadLockTM Device right away.  Simply perform the following simple steps:
  • Remove your existing Lacrosse Head
  • Insert the HeadLockTM Device
  • Re-assemble the Lacrosse Head
Its that Simple!!!!  Refer to the Installation Instructions Page or Click Here

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