Why The Tape Shim? 

This video illustrates what to do when there is an extreme case of a loose lacrosse head.  With an extreme case of a loose lacrosse head, the HeadLockTM Device will surely prevent "rattle" but you may still experience unwanted movement.  This movement is dependent on the amount of clearance or "slop" in your shaft to head connection in combination with the head design.  This is solved by simply building up the front portion of the shaft that fits into the lacrosse head.  By adding a few layers of tape on the shaft in a specific area, you can achieve a tight connection.  Remember, we want to add tape only to the areas having extreme wear.  Once you have added the appropriate amount of tape strips, simply poke a hole through the tape into the shaft screw hole.  If desired, the tape can be applied along the opposite side of the shaft screw hole.  This would relieve you of poking a hole through the tape prior to assembly of the lacrosse head.  This technique in combination with the HeadLockTM Device will provide you with a tight head to shaft connection for any head to shaft selection.  The video below illustrates this.  As a note, the "tape shim" in the video is prefabricated using 4 layers of tape with the hole pre-punched.  Auto body masking tape works well, click here for an example what can be used.  In the future, we are planning on offering an optimum tape for this application.

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